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2015 is a special year for the Zimbabwe Super Seeds Cop, as we mark an amazing two years journey which has seen us grow from humble beginning to be the Zimbabwe’s emerging seed company.

We look back from 2010 when GRM International Zimbabwe formed Zaka Super Seeds and trace our life to date, where Zimbabwe Super Seeds co-op has stood the test of time through various challenges and today, stand proud of our change of time and seasons to seasons.

Our clientele base has continually enjoyed good quality seeds and always makes a difference in yield, despite persistence climate change. 

 Just like our predecessor, today we continue to ask ourselves questions………Why do we exist as Zimbabwe Super Seeds Co-op? We exist so that we come up with best seed varieties that cope with climate change and still able to produce excellent yields. These varieties will benefit both marginalized and greenbelt farmers who demand excellence in productivity. Our seed varieties can tolerate diseases and yield better with every season.

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ZS265 is a medium maturing, white, semi-flint three way hybrid with high yield potential in drought prone areas. It attains mid silk in 67-70 days and requires 130 days to maturity ...