New variety (ZS265) coming soon

Look forward for a new hybrid variety with the following characteristics:


ZS265 is a medium maturing, white, semi-flint three way hybrid with high yield potential in drought prone areas. It attains mid silk in 67-70 days and requires 130 days to maturity at Harare Research Station (1506masl). ZS265 has multi branched tassels, and red silks. 


The variety has good resistance to Maize streak virus (MSV), Cercosporazeae-maydis(GLS), Exserohilumturcicum(ET) and Puccinia sorghi (common rust). 

ZS265 is suitable for production in drought prone areas and Low N soils especially in NRIII-V although it can also be recommended for production in high potential areas. It can also be recommended for production in GLS prone areas.

Yield potential and other agronomic characteristics of ZS265

Agronomic Trait Value 


  •  Yield Potential (t/ha) 7-12t/ha
  • Days to mid pollen 66-69
  • Days to mid silk 67-70
  • Root Lodging (%) 7.5
  • Grey Leaf Spot Rating 1.6
  • Maize Streak Virus Rating 1.9
  • Leaf Blight Rating 2.1
  • Rusts 1.7